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SD Design - Divine Rose **Saddle Pads
  • SD Design - Divine Rose **Saddle Pads

    SKU: D-341

    "My Passion" is exactly what SD is - our passion. With this collection, we wanted to create saddle pads in the most beautiful colors that really radiate and attract attention. Colorful, beautiful, elegant and with a touch of glitter, that describes the My Passion collection perfectly!

    The saddle pad is made in an awesome shiny quilted fabric which gives the colors so much brightness and an extra touch of exclusivity. We have of course added gorgeous matching bindings with silver details. To complete the look, we offer you matching bandages.

    As always when you choose a SD saddle pad for your horse, you get much more than "just a beautiful saddle pad". The backside is made of the unique High IC Cool comfort fabric, which dries quickly and directs sweat / moisture / heat away from the horse. The shape itself is anatomical and made with plenty of room for the withers, so your horse can move freely and give his absolute best in training.


    Product information:

    The girth strap is with velcro, which can be easily be opened when the girth is removed.



    Wash at max 30 degrees or hand wash. Must be washed separately and without spinning. Stretch the saddle pad slightly after washing before hanging to dry. Wash with the in side out.

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