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About us

Welcome to Ocean Blue Equine, primarily ran by myself....Gemma, with the occasional help from my husband Blake, depending on which form of bribery I use! We are a busy, hardworking couple with a pretty hectic but rewarding life!


December 2017 we became proud parents to twins Archie and Chloe, life since then has just been mental!.. but we wouldn't want it anyway.

Our main business Ocean Blue Graphics drives us through each year,

a bit like a steam train, ploughing through and rarely stopping.

However, not working with horses full time anymore, I felt a bit of an itch!

So Ocean Blue Equine was created.

I have only had one real passion in life, which quite clearly is horses!

I left school to attend Hindlip Equestrian College in Worcester and then worked full time with horses until Blake and I established our graphics company in Sept 2009, not before spending a whole year working in Banff, Canada.... to get it out of our system!... Even that was on a ranch & in a western outfitters!

Having worked on many yards with disciplines including Racing, Eventing, Polo, Showjumping, Western, Breaking and training and hunting, there was only one Discipline left... Beginning of 2009, I was offered a job with Peter Storr in Broadway, here was my first proper glimpse into the world of Dressage, I made life long friends here and also acquired my current horse Cocofino owned by Hermione Black.

My experience in various areas of working with horses has enabled me to select brands and products I feel relevant to todays equestrian world.

As you can appreciate I try to work a 30hr day inside normal working hours, this website is continuously growing and only covers a portion of what we stock, the time I can put into updating the website all depends on what time our little cherubs rest their heads on an evening!

The online market is so easy to order whatever you require, but the local demand for Ocean Blue Equine has pushed us to this year finally open a shop at our Graphics business in Kempsey, Worcester.

Whether you speak to me over the phone, online or come in to the shop for a browse and a cup of tea, I promise I will always offer you true honest advice on any of the products we stock and hopefully add another happy customer to our busy lives!

Binky our little dog will always be happy to greet you on arrival, depending on the day, you might also be lucky enough to meet the rug rats too!!

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