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Fir Tech Healing Stable Boots
  • Fir Tech Healing Stable Boots

    SKU: 5002

    The Catago FIR-Tech Healing leg wrap provides your horse with maximum protection and wellbeing during transportation and in the stable. The leg wrap has a removeable pad with Synthermax fiberfill and lining material with ceramic particles which in combination provide an advanced double-acting effect. This boot has a perfect fit, and due to the wide Velcro closures, it stays in the optimal position. The rubber patch in the fetlock area provides extra protection for the fetlock in case of overreaching. Durable and practical and ideal for providing increased well-being, reducing recovery periods and to warm the muscles, tendons and joints - before and after paddock, training and competition. 2 pcs of padded inner pads are included. Detachable pad of perforated neoprene for extra ventilation can be purchased additionally. It is recommended not to tighten the boots too much. Material: Outer: 100% polyester. Insulation: Synthermax fiberfill. Lining: polyester + ceramic.

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