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FIR-TECH Healing Neck Attachment
  • FIR-TECH Healing Neck Attachment

    SKU: 49892001

    CATAGO Fir-Tech Healing neck that fits the popular FIR-Tech Healing rug. The neck has woven ceramic particles which increase the blood circulation in the horse's neck. The neck is opened with velcro, and it is mounted on the rug with a snap hook in an elastic strap. It is also possible to mount the neck on the horse’s halter, with an elastic strap with velcro. This ensures the horse the very best movement and security.


    If you have previously purchased the older model Firtech Rug,  seperate attachments will be included for you to have attached to the rug.

    All New Firtech Rugs come with D-Ring Neck attachments already fixed to the rug.

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