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Fir Tech Healing Dog Rug
  • Fir Tech Healing Dog Rug

    SKU: 9762501

    The Catago FIR-Tech Healing Dog rug has a back plate of Synthermax fibrefill covering the main muscle groups and lining material with woven ceramic particles which gives an advanced double-acting effect. The rug is ideal for providing enhanced well-being, reducing recovery periods and to warm the muscles, tendons and joints - before and after training and competition and for elderly dog with e.g. joint issues. The rug has an optimal fit with an adjustable collar and closure around the belly. The rug has a gap on the back for the harness. Elastic straps at the hind legs keeps the rug in position during movement.
    Outer: 100% polyester
    Insulation: Synthermax fibrefill
    Lining: polyester + ceramic


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