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FIR-TECH  correction Saddle Pad
  • FIR-TECH correction Saddle Pad

    SKU: 5039

    The CATAGO FIR-Tech correction saddle pad has all the same advantages as the well-known FIR-Tech saddle pad; Good fit, Synthermax fiber fill and inner fabric with woven ceramic particles, providing an advanced double-acting effect. The specially developed ceramic material transforms and reflects the horse's body heat as electromagnetic infrared heat radiation, penetrates the tissue and expands the blood vessels. The result is that the flexibility of the back muscles increases. In addition, this saddle pad has 4 pockets, 2 front and 2 rear, where foam inserts can be inserted, so that the saddle can be raised to the desired position at the front, rear or only one side if the horse develops skew e.g. in connection with rehabilitation after an injury. Sold with 8 inserts, 4 front and 4 rear.



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