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Catago Savi Bridle
  • Catago Savi Bridle

    SKU: 4330

    Bridle handmade from the finest soft Italian leather. Classic flat leather features decorative leather channelling. Superior design provides the optimal fit for the horse. Anatomically shaped head piece to provide maximum comfort. Both head piece and nose band are fitted with a thick memory foam padding covered in soft calf skin to alleviate poll pressure and prevent compression of the sensitive facial nerves surrounding the cheek bones and upper jaw. Nose band is equipped with a simple flash attachment. Detachable brow band allows you to swap between your favourite coloured stones or choose one to match your brand or sponsor colourways. Small delicate metal plate on the left cheek piece embossed with the Catago logo. 


    *Black Leather with Black Padded noseband.

    *Black Leather with White Padded noseband

    *Black Leather with Rose Gold Browband

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