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Catago Roy Waterproof Jacket
  • Catago Roy Waterproof Jacket

    SKU: 3013

    This short trench coat look-a-like is the perfect all-weather overcoat. The ideal choice as a transitional piece between seasons. The semi-matte fabric teams well with the rubber-finish details of the reverse zippers, adding a sporty touch to a classic design. A full front zip, with top and bottom openings, together with a high back flap slit and elasticated waistband, allow for ease of movement and create a pretty hour-glass silhouette. The back flap opens up to the waistline, and is prevented from flapping by magnets placed in the seam, which contour directly to the body. The adjustable sleeve hemlines are secured with snap button closures on a comfortable wide-banded strap. A hidden hood inside the collar is fully concealed within a slim, streamlined zipped pouch, to be used when necessary.


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