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Catago Hybrid Dressage Boots
  • Catago Hybrid Dressage Boots

    SKU: 8507

    The CATAGO Hybrid dressage boot is a very functional and breathable boot with a great fit.

    The hard-plastic shell provides great protection for the horse’s leg and the perforated neoprene lets excess heat escape from the leg. The lining on the inside of the boot is the functional Hybrid fabric with Graphene print. The Graphene makes the fabric thermoregulating, so the heat from the horse’s body is equally distributed all over the fabric surface to avoid cold spots or overheating of e.g. tendons. The fabric is also very breathable and allows excess heat to escape, it is anti-static and anti-bacterial. The Graphene print is made of carbon fragments that directs energy and the static is led away from the horse/coat.

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