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CATAGO FIR-Tech Pro Neck Warmer
  • CATAGO FIR-Tech Pro Neck Warmer

    SKU: 2720

    Equine neck piece featuring the Catago FIR-Tech PRO technology. Beneficial self-healing and relaxing effects of the active carbon fibres. Can be used before and/or after exercise. Integrated button to adjust the active long wave infrared radiation between 3 different settings, located at the base of the neck for convenient use. Three large Velcro neck straps, and an additional pole strap for connection to a halter, position the neck piece securely in place to guarantee it acts on the targeted area. A flared base allows the neck piece to sit comfortably underneath the front portion of a standard horse blanket to ensure maximum contact. A perfect product to relax the neck muscles following travel by increasing blood flow and reducing tension. 

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