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Catago Mens Reflective Trainer Jacket
  • Catago Mens Reflective Trainer Jacket

    SKU: 3416

    Hooded short shell jacket with elasticated sleeves suitable for an array of outdoor sporting activities, such as riding, running, cycling, and hiking. This unisex model can equip a variety of wearers. A loose style body with a full zip that fits well over a number of inner layers. Reverse rubber coated zipper adds to the sleek, streamlined, and athletic feel. Hemline finishes just below the hip for friction free movement. All over reflective print fabric and large reflective logo on back of hood for enhanced visibility during the critical hours of dawn and dusk. Fully waterproof with tapered seams in all the key places. A top coating of transparent lamination gives this fabric strength without compromising on appearance. Light and unweighted for maximum comfort. Front graphic logo completes the look. 

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