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Catago Fir Tech **LED** Pad - Large X84
  • Catago Fir Tech **LED** Pad - Large X84

    SKU: 5901

    The Catago Fir-Tech LED therapy pad promotes tissue repair and relaxes muscles. The LED radiation improves blood circulation and boosts muscle recovery in addition to stimulating nerve connections.

    The LED pad can be used for both horse, rider and dog.

    It offers 3 different types of light therapy: Red, Blue and Infrared therapy.

    FIR TECH LED combines natural red, near-infrared and blue light in one seamless device. It can enhance the regeneration process for muscles, improve fascia, tissue and nerves and trigger the self-healing process. The different wavelength of FIR TECH LED products optimally penetrates skin, tissue and muscle and can promote regeneration

    Can be used for prevention, relaxation and repair and recovery processes.

    Large Pad is 155 x 75 cm

    Comes with its own storage bag.

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