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New Year.... Brand New Blog!!

Happy New Year Guys!....

I've never done a blog!!! Help!!

Wix Website Design threw the option at me and I literally caught it!!

Well, what could possibly go wrong, here goes!

I'm hoping to be able to interact with you guys, my customers, my friends!

I have so many of you message me asking about products, why I stand so strongly by certain items, my verdict on products on my own horse... you even ask about our twins!

...who are actually the reason I am so rushed off my feet most of the time!

I apologise in advance for my over use of the !!!!!.... but sometimes I feel a . (full stop) seems

rather stern, final, end of!... God I'm waffling already..was this a good idea?!

I'm thinking of also adding a members site to my website, I'd love to hear if any of you would be interested in this? God knows what content I would put in it.... but I'm terrible at throwing discounts around 😁

I'd also this year, like to include customer photos on my website, so it isn't all just wonderfully airbrushed models and horses groomed to within an inch of their life! So please, If you've purchased products from me, I'd love you to email me some pics of you and your horse in action!

Lets hope we can only go onwards and upwards from now, the world is in a bit of a mess, but we always sort ourselves out, and I think the equestrian community has been great to be apart of during the last 10 months, its allowed many of us to 'go out' when we've had to 'stay at home' and although competitions have been a bit hit and miss, many of us have managed to actually slow things down and spend quality time with our fur babies.

We haven't stopped working, as the graphics and print side of our business has been non-stop with all Covid related print.

I've managed to pretty much finalise our Equine shop at our premises in Kempsey, and I'm over the moon with how much support you guys have given me throughout these awful times.

I'll keep you all posted on the shop, as soon as I can I'm hoping to host a couple of invitation only evenings with drinks and nibbles!

Stay Safe everyone....Until Next Time Guys! xx

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