Bringing everything a horse needs from the native environment into their daily diet…

For horses and ponies that gain weight on fresh air, have cresty necks and fat deposits around the tail and shoulders.

LamiAlert is an all round product to deal with the above, and also can be fed to prevent, as a daily balancer.

LamiAlert is a result of extensive research and contains botanical extracts.

LamiAlert is suitable for ponies that are prone to laminitis and EMS, and can be fed to ponies to support maintaining normal blood glucose levels.



  • LamiAlert works to normalise blood glucose/insulin levels.
  • Can be added to the diet so no need to crush tablets.
  • Completely natural compound sought out by horses grazing in natural environment.
  • Diminishes adipose tissue, softens ‘Cresty neck’.
  • Can be fed as a preventative.


125g pouch, one scoop a day = 4 weeks approx

250g pouch, one scoop a day = 8 weeks approx

500g pouch, one scoop a day = 16 weeks approx

1kg pouch, one scoop a day = 32 weeks approx

2kg pouch, one scoop a day = 64 weeks approx