Catago Stable Rug 100 Gram - with Neck
  • Catago Stable Rug 100 Gram - with Neck

    SKU: 4997

    Strong and durable stable rug with neck piece in 420D outer fabric with a smooth lining that keeps the fur nice and shiny. Double adjustable front closure with clip hooks and D-rings, shoulder gusset, cross surcingles and leg straps. The result is a perfect fit! In addition, the rug has a wide fleece collar, which makes the rug extra comfortable for the horse and protects the mane even when the neck piece is closed. The neck piece has an air channel of mesh fabric along the horse’s mane to allow excess heat to escape. The air channel reduces the risk of hair loss and irritation in the mane. The neckpiece is attached to the rug, but whenever you do not wish to use the neckpiece simply fold it back or wrap it and attach it to the rug.



      colour: Black/Grey
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